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Vista joins MS patch treadmill

Discussion in 'News' started by zimbo, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. zimbo
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    zimbo Petabyte Poster


    Vista joins MS patch treadmill

    Microsoft has released a couple of patches for Windows Vista after realising that the pre-release OS is vulnerable to some of the security bugs addressed in its last (mammoth) Patch Tuesday update cycle.

    Of the seven critical Windows updates released in August, two (MS06-042 and MS06-051) also affect Windows Vista Beta 2 or later, prompting the release of additional patches.

    The most threatening of the Windows flaws addressed on 8 August (MS06-040) - the subject of active malware exploitation over recent days - leaves Vista untouched.

    More here

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    1. wizard
      I won't be racing out to upgrade to Vista for quite a while after it goes gold.
    2. _omni_
      That's why we have betas.
    3. wizard
      Yes, I know that, the last time I tried an MS beta it was terrible, so never again.
    4. _omni_
      Actually I meant to respond to the first post. What I mean is, sure there will be problems in the beta -- that's why we have betas, so "we" can (among other things) discover any problems and stuff before it hits the shelves.
    5. Sparky
      I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people using a BETA and expect it to work straight out of the box (so to speak).

      So if you ever hear about Vista running slow or needs a security patch just remember:

      It’s a BETA
      It’s a BETA
      It’s a BETA

      Vista will probably need (lots of) security patches and will run like a dog when it’s released but whatever! :biggrin
    6. Boycie
      As Harry pointed out, i would leave XP SE edition until it is <working> :biggrin

    7. wizard
      Okay but I have seen betas of non microsoft software perform a lot better. :)
    8. Sparky
      Operating Systems? :blink
    9. wizard
      Nope, granted the software I have seen are not on such a complicated scale as an OS. :)
    10. zimbo
      the bottom line is yes its beta but these holes are so huge MS cant wait until the next beta release to fix them!

      and for the record debian 4 is exciting me more than vista at the moment even though im not a huge linux fan... vista will hog all my resources - end of story!:twisted:
    11. Sparky
      Fair enough, even when Vista is launched I’m sure there will be a few problems that will be ironed out (maybe) in SP1. :biggrin
    12. wizard
      To think with IPv6, I'll able to plug my toaster into the network :D
    13. Sparky
      Well it’s about time!! :biggrin
    14. hbroomhall
      Hm - a bit dangerous if it responded to a Viagra spam email.... :biggrin


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