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vista business recovery disc

Discussion in 'Software' started by juneau, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. juneau

    juneau Bit Poster

    Hi everybody,

    Wanted to pick someone's brain about the vista business OS?? Bought second hand Sony laptop few weeks ago and proceeded to quickly fill up the hard drive on it. With 10 gb spare i kept reminding myself to make a bootup disc in the event that something went wrong. Needless to say i didn't make the disc and the thing crashed and won't boot up stating that there is a read error on disk. Presumably this is the hard disc??? I'm unsure. Have the vista license key etc. Do i just need a recovery disc and then i'm good to go?? Sony wanted £38.00 for a backup disc?? Any thoughts appreciated on this one!!

    Many thanks
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  2. Metalstar

    Metalstar Kilobyte Poster

    If you have a vista licence key then you just need the relevant vista install disc. The Sony recovery disk will probably just reinstall everything as it was at day 1 (including all the bloat they ship with it)
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