Virtualisation comes to Windows PCs

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">Virtualisation coming to Windows PCs</font>

    Tuesday 18th November 2003

    Virtualisation technology from Microsoft will bring closer the dream of running multiple instances of an operating system on a single computer

    Software giant Microsoft and start-up VMware are bringing closer to reality a technology for running multiple instances of an operating system on a single computer.

    The technology, called virtualisation, is a layer of software that isolates programs from the hardware they run on. In the near term, Microsoft hopes to use the idea to support customers with newer computers that must run older programs. But VMware is further along in a strategy to make its software a key part of the utility computing concept popular in the industry.

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    1. tripwire45
      I hear it's going to give VMWare a run for its money. I see you've mastered the news post skill. A skill that I, alas, have yet to acquire. Good job, Gav.
    2. Jakamoko
      :oops: Thanks, Trip - far from perfect, and I'm sure this story's been posted already, but I live and learn ...

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