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Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by Phoenix, Jan 21, 2005.

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    Here is a list of Virtual Computing resources, articles and guides that members have found scattered around the net, the list will grow, PM me with anything you think should be included

    - Software -
    VMWare 4.5 Trial
    Virtual PC 2004 w/SP1 Trial
    Microsoft Trial Software Center

    - Books -
    Robs VMWare Guide - [Very good read, clustering information as well!]
    Robs Guide to VMWare 5.0, ACE and GSX Server 3.1
    Configuring VMware ESX Server 2.5: Vol 1
    I was doing a bit of research and discovered that there were several new books published or about to be published on VMware. I thought some of you would benefit from the information so I'm posting the link here and pinning the post. Cheers.
    Also, go to amazon, select the "Books" category and search for "VMWare". Results will occur. Enjoy. - Tripwire45

    - Web Articles -
    Linux Journal VMWare article Virtual machine shootout

    - Resources -
    MSFN Unattended XP Guide - [Useful for both XP and 2003 server, unattended CDs are GREAT]
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