Vinyl to Digital..AT LAST !!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by Jakamoko, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    HALLELUHAH :cheers :angel

    Well, the day has finally come !! I have got my setup for converting my old LPs (no laughing at the back) to CD.

    Get this for using old technology to go digital..

    Using the ancient old laptop running Windows 98, P1, 1.3 Gb HDD and 32 Mb RAM to do the recording (the setup is out in the garage - no room in the house for a turntable by the PC).

    Software is Audiograbber (thanks for the nod Phoenix) capturing at 44Khz 16-bit stereo (average 40-50 Mb per TRACK). Conversion to MP3 (if used) will be done in the laptop. Turntable is Technics SP12 (verrrry nice !!!)

    No CD drive at all on the laptop, so when I have a batch of tracks copied, I'll hook the laptop back onto the network, then transfer to my PC, where they'll eventually go onto CD as either MP3s or full uncompressed WAVs, depending on what album it is.

    OK, I know a lot of you may just be picking yourselves back up off the floor at this point, but there's enough of you who know how much it means to preserve that old black, crackly plastic forever .....8)
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  2. flex22

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    Nice one.Some people prefer lp's anyway.

    I love digging through my dad's old collection of 60's lp's, and some Buddy Holly ones, which are 1950's.
    Suppose it'll be easier access, as you can't really carry an lp player around with you lol.
  3. nugget
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    Too right Jak, especially when the fuggin record companies won't do it. :dry
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  4. Phoenix
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    happy to help
    i had never actually used Audio grabber, but a quuick google search revelaed it was indeed what others in similar situations were using, and so i figured i would point you in its direction
    glad it worked out a treat mate

    now get an mp3 player and you can listen to that old school stuff on the way to work! :)
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