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Video editing query

Discussion in 'Software' started by philbenson, May 11, 2009.

  1. philbenson

    philbenson Byte Poster

    Hope this is the right place for this. Over the weekend I took some movie footage using a Praktica DVC 5.2FHD camera which saves images in .MOV format.

    This morning I've been trying to import the clips into Sony Vegas (v7) software. Each clip runs fine in the VLC Player but in Vegas the frame rate becomes very eratic and sometimes won't display at all.

    Also I was trying to create some still frames by pausing the video playback and then using Snagit in video mode. Each time I then try and import the still frame (saved as a jpg) into say Photoshop, all I get is a black rectangle.

    The camera by the was uses an SDHC card. I'm sure there are simple solutions to both of these problems so if anyone can help I would be most grateful.

    Many thanks in advance.
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  2. philbenson

    philbenson Byte Poster

    O well looks like it isn't just something simple I'm not doing. Its only since I had this problem that I've realised just how many different codecs there are out there. And there was me thinking RAS protocols was a bit confusing :eek:

    Anyway having installed the ffdshow codec, the MOV files run smooth as silk in media player but are still jerky when editing in Vegas. I've set Vegas to use the same settings as the file - well nearest ones possible anyway (1080i) and this helps a bit. I guess the problem might be to do with the HD recording but I would have thought that latest versions of video editing software should be designed to support HD. Guess I could also try Adobe Premiere.
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  3. neutralhills

    neutralhills Kilobyte Poster

    Some things that will help...

    - Make sure the system has a LOT of RAM.
    - Make sure the editing system has at least two drives. The work drive for your video application should be on a separate drive from your system cache, and preferably on a separate drive controller as well.
    - Turn off every single unnecessary service and kill any unneeded TSE process when rendering video.
    - Make sure your drives are defragmented prior to working with large vids.

    This will improve rendering time and help prevent dropped frames.
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  4. Ence

    Ence Kilobyte Poster

    I had that error but using WMP (black rectangle.) : To capture screenshots from video, you have to turn off hardware acceleration.

    To disable it on Windows XP, select Run/Settings/Control Panel/Display
    Then in the Display Properties window, select the Settings Tab. Click the Advanced button on the bottom of that panel. Then click the Troubleshoot tab. (Don't you love nested tab sets?) Then, under Hardware Acceleration, drag the slider to None, and hit the OK button at the bottom of the window.

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