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    Does any one know if or how you can set variables / check variables on a local XP Box via VB Script (Login Script)

    Within XP you can set variables manually. (We currently use this to setup printer locations). To see these variables do the following:-

    Right click my computer, Properties, Advanced, Environment Variables, System Variables. Example :- Name = “Update” Value = “2”

    What I am trying to do is set a variable on a local machine i.e. Update 1. I need a logon script to look at the variable and if it is not equal to the hard coded value run copy procedure example:-

    xcopy /e /i /h /r /k /y "X:\Templates\Start" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\"

    Then after running the copy procedure update the local variable to the new value

    Update System Variables Set Variable Value = 2


    Do nothing

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    Hi Mazdan
    I was hoping that someone could answer your question, Phil (I think) as he is pretty good at this scripting business.

    I've recently done some vb scripting but mainly with making registry changes. As far as I see you need to read the value from somewhere, compare it to a given variable and write a change if necessary. I normally do these in the registry with regread and regwrite commands providing you know where the keys are.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.
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    Hi Mazdan, Nug

    Sorry, I did start looking at this last week but life is pretty manic round here at the moment (too much work and not enough hours in a week) and I ended up getting sidetracked. I'll try and take a look this evening when I get home.

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