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V.35MT physical loop back

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by cralves, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. cralves

    cralves New Member

    For checked the V.35 cables and the Wic1T, i need to make a local loop (B3) with a V.35 cable. With the V.35FC cable there is no problems, looping this pins:
    J2·C-->J2·D (RTS-->CTS)
    J2·E-->J2·H (DSR-->DTR)
    J2·P-->J2·R (SD+-->RD+)
    J2·T-->J2·S (RD- -->SD-)

    the result is that the serial interface changes to looped status.
    but the same procedure on the V.35MT cable don´t make the loop.
    I try this but the interface don't change to looped status:

    J2·P -J2·Y --> J2·R (SD+ --> SCT+ --> RD+)
    J2·S -J2·AA --> J2·T (SD- --> SCT- --> RD-)
    J2·U --> J2·V (SCTE+ --> SCR+)
    J2·W --> J2·X (SCTE- --> SCR-)
    J2·C --> J2·D (RTS --> CTS)
    J2·F -J2·H --> J2·E (RSLD --> DTR --> DSR)

    ¿Any suggestion? Thanks!

    V.35 pinouts:
  2. cralves

    cralves New Member

    I think i found the solution, here is:

    For DTE V.35 Cable loop back the pinout is the next:

    J2·C --> J2·D (RTS --> CTS)
    J2·F - J2·E --> J2·H (RSLD --> DTR --> DSR)
    J2·P --> J2·R (SD+ --> RD+)
    J2·T --> J2·S (RD- --> SD-)
    J2·V - J2·AA --> J2·U (SCTE+ --> SCT- --> SCR+)

    Whit this the serial interface shows the looped status, there are imput and output packets whitout CRC errors,
    I think is ok but if somebody tell me your opinion, I would be grateful !.

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