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  1. Balian

    Balian Bit Poster

    Hey guys and gals,

    Can someone explain these qualifications to me please? I've just started an MCP course, and so far so good, but I'm keen to branch out, and explore other potential future courses/quals that would be less MS biased? Just an idea.

    It's quite daunting to see the amount of courses available to help newbs into the field, often wonder whether I've made the right choice. Ah well...
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  2. Clyde

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    google is your friend...
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  3. Arroryn

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    If you're new to the field and want vendor-neutral courses, then try www.comptia.org

    If you're not too keen on vendor specific courses, then I'm not sure if courses like the MCP would be for you - just an opinion. But if it's Microsoft you're not keen on, you could also try programming, linux - possibilities are endless!
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  4. Balian

    Balian Bit Poster

    Lol, cheers peeps. Google is EVERYONE'S friend.

    I don't so much have a problem with MS, simply that to only know MS systems is helpful... To an extent, but a little limiting.

    As for programming???? *Shudders*, I was rubbish at it at uni, so have tended to avoid. I can do the basics such as HTML, SQL, and dabbled in Pascal years and years ago, but I was forced to do ADA at Aston, and it put me off any form of programming... :sick

    I was only wondering what the difference's in the qualifications were, apart from the obvious, i.e not being MS specific. Thanks anyhoo.
    Certifications: HND IT, A+
    WIP: MCP 2003 Server, XP Professional

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