Unable to load operating system. (ubuntu)

Discussion in 'Linux / Unix Discussion' started by Aureilius, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. Aureilius

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    I've managed to load ubuntu in a dual boot (sort of).

    While I can get ubuntu loaded on a celly with a dual boot on win2k pro, I seem to find it impossible to get it working on the main comp running XP home :(

    Either way, on both comps, ubuntu is the primary os rather than the secondary,I'd prefer it the other way round.

    Upstairs, on dino, it boots both, but downstairs, on the current comp, it installs fine.....

    It shows on the boot option, what os do you want but when I select a win flavour I get some linux code, a reboot, then (in either os) "unable to load operating system"...

    And then a format takes place :(

    Sorry to be so lax on the details, I've been offline for 22 days on account of a sh!!ty ISP, so I'm going from memory.

    At any rate, does any of this strike a chord with anyone?

    If so, pleease help!
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  2. ffreeloader

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    HUH? Are you sure it's a disk format? Are you sure it's not something else? I've never heard of grub or Lilo being able to format a hard drive. That capability just isn't written into either bootloader as far as I know.
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  3. Aureilius

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    My bad. :(

    On a re-read, it WAS unclear, sorry 'bout that.

    What I meant was, that when the "unable to load OS" message comes up, I need to perform a re-format to reinstall win XP. It's not an automatic process.

    No big deal, obviusly I'm not as adept at the linux dual boot install as I'd hoped...

    Think I'll mess around with it on dino before I try again on the current machine.

    Still, if anyone's experienced a similar problem, just for curiositys sake....

    Cheers. :)
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