UK Officially The Most Hacked Country

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    UK Officially The Most Hacked Country

    While the UK continues to experience rapid adoption of residential broadband, the country has yet to climb the security learning curve, and this has turned the nation into the one with the most hacked computers in the world.

    22 Mar 2005, 09:36 GMT -
    Research out this week from Symantec places the UK at the top of the league table of countries that have lots of PCs participating in networks of "bots" -- compromised computers that malicious hackers can control to send spam or attack others.

    Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report for the second half of 2004 said that 25.2% are located in the UK. That now puts the country ahead of the US (24.6%), China (7.8%), Canada (4.9%) and Spain (3.8%), Symantec said.

    It's the boom that's doing it, Symantec speculated. There are millions more broadband subscribers in the UK now than there were a year ago, but not enough have yet learned that a raw, unfiltered, permanent internet connection is a security risk.

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    1. Phoenix
      indeed, forgot to mention this the other day when i read it sorry
      im nto sure it takes into account usage percentage, as were one of the most connected countries these days too

      guess its time to re launch my company under the new guise of a infosec house :)
    2. nugget
      That's because they don't have Phoenix working for them. :thumbleft

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