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UK IT workers train overseas replacements

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    UK IT workers train overseas replacements

    UK IT contractors are being forced to train overseas workers to take their jobs.

    Businesses are bringing overseas staff to the UK to cut costs by using Intra Company Transfer (ICT) migration rule, which is not meant for this purpose. This is in addition to increased offshoring to countries such as India to cut costs.

    The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) will today publish a report on the ICT rule in response to complaints about its overuse and misuse, particularly in the IT sector.

    Offshoring to cut costs and using ICT to bring cheap offshore labour onshore is reducing UK IT jobs and damaging UK skills in the process, say IT contractors.

    The ICT scheme was introduced to allow businesses to bring in people with important skills that the company could not source within the UK. But these rules are being used to bring in cheap labour, claim IT contractors.

    Article: Here

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    1. JohnBradbury
      What kind of a company would do that .... one yeah - mine!

      Unfortunately it's the way the industry is moving, which is really bad news for us poor home grown IT bods who simply cannot afford to compete salary wise.
    2. zebulebu
      This has been happening for years in the US. We used to have a member here (Crito - before he had a meltdown and got homself banned :biggrin) who experienced the sharp end of this wedge on more than one occasion.

      We're getting it in the neck now - and what worries me is that it seems to be even worse over here - in the US it started at the lower levels of the profession and moved on to the middle tiers. Over here it seems our companies have decided that because the yanks got away with it, they can do it on an even grander scale. I know one large Engineering firm that flew 20 bods over from India who were first/second liners there, and had them sit alongside guys who'd been at the firm for ten years, were senior figures taking hom a decent wage having progressed, then laid them all off six months later and had the Indian guys doing their jobs on 20 grand a year less.
    3. JK2447
      Our place opts for a hybrid business model. Infrastructure and call centers stay in the originating country so mainly UK/France/German/Holland data centers. Development goes to Kuala Lumpa and Mumbai. I'm not sure if this is typical . . . ? Jim
    4. robp
      Is this still happening?

      My last contract wasn't renewed and my last 'job' there was to hand over my projects to an offshore 'team'.

      In a global market I can only see this pattern continuing.

      Aside from getting more certs to compete in an ever reducing local job market, I'm thinking about Plan B.

      So far I've renovated a house (landlording), but seem to think undertaking or hairdressing/nails may be a good shout. Let's face it, those places are never empty!

    5. itguru
      As an Indian, I say, what a rubbish topic KEN.

      U are white, and pi**ed off. A curry night is out the dairy then? As you are aware we indians have more passion to make it, rather then being a old tarted 9-5 clock in and clock out worker.

      My view is that, as long as the work is done, so what WHO does it and WHAT they get paid.:x
    6. UKDarkstar
      If you'd looked you would have seen this was a NEWS article and not the personal views of the person posting it. I suggest you think first before engaging mouth ! :x
    7. Modey
      If you had bothered to check, you will have noticed that he's quoting an article. Again if you had checked, you would have noticed he's a regular news poster and this is a news post.

      I love the conclusions you are jumping to about Ken's racial background as well. White and pissed of is he? He must be, he's called Ken ...

      Now go back and read the article, and try and actually understand what it's about. Use some of that Indian passion to realise it's an article about big busineses abusing employment and immigration laws in order to cut costs by ousting long standing workers. Those workers incedently could be from ANY background. And guess what, if they could do the same thing to the workers they bring in as well in the future ...

      Wake up and smell the coffee.
      Last edited: Mar 21, 2010
    8. Modey
      You only beat me because you typed less UKD. :)
    9. Col
      What UKDarkstar said....
    10. westernkings
      Seems like that is your view, as long as it is only you that does it, and as long as it is you that is getting paid. Companies shouldn't be allowed to rotate out British workers in preference for Indians, Pakistanis, Americans, Ugandans, Elfs or anyone else. It is a deplorable practice. The only reason it works is because the standard of living in the locations they recruit from is so piss poor. ( and piss poor for this exact reason, they continuously go "We can do it cheaper", and that only makes them WORTHLESS. Personally, Labour isn't cheap and we all have a decent value on ours.

      What are you talking, this is Ken! :D

    11. Modey
      Wow, I thought Ken was pretty guarded about his photo being online. That is him! :)
    12. supernova
      What about Barclays, which i read in a paper this morning, is moving 146 IT security related jobs from UK to India and asked the people who will be made redundant to go to India to train their replacements.

      And this bank is one of the banks where UK tax payers hard earned cash (taxies which will probably sky rocket over the next few years) have been used to bail them out of potential bankruptcy.

      When these banks bosses and bankers still take huge bonuses even though they need to pay money back to the tax payer and get rid of UK workers .. it really is like sticking to fingers up at to the public some of which are their customers.
    13. Modey
      That's pretty shoddy, but in this case it's one of the few banks that didn't take tax payers money to bail it out. They did recieve guarantees from the government to back loans to small businesses etc.. though.
    14. itguru
      Good morning ukdarkstar

      Touchy for a sunday morning hey!
      Reading your history of bu**sh** posts, keep yourself to yourself.
      Anyway what's for sunday tea?


    15. Col
      itguru, don't take this personally but you're an absolute idiot...
    16. UKDarkstar
      Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me :twisted:
    17. Sparky
      Alright lads, I thought itgurus “contribution” to this forum so far was questionable to say the least so I showed him the door.
    18. supernova
      You say your a Indian living in London, so your wages must reflect your financial requirements to live in London, as we all know London isn't cheap. So ,for example, you would'nt be pis**d if your job went to someone in India, Philippines or even Africa because they were cheaper than you?? and you had to train them knowing you were going to get the chop...... Sorry i just don't believe you wouldn't be upset.

      I also think you would as be just as upset if someone for example from Africa was brought into the country to replace you.
      Last edited: Mar 21, 2010
    19. UKDarkstar
      Thanks m8, dunno what his problem was :blink

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