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Two routers on one adsl line

Discussion in 'Networks' started by rockstar007, May 5, 2009.

  1. rockstar007

    rockstar007 Bit Poster

    Hi Guys

    I was wondering if it is possible to put two routers on one adsl line. As a friend has a wireless router in his office and wishes to play online with his playstation 3 and would prefer to have a wired connection as the wireless signal is not very strong where he wants to use it. There is a telephone point by the television where he can connect an adsl router. So can you connect two routers to the same adsl line at the same time?


  2. Triton.Deep

    Triton.Deep Bit Poster

    I don't think it's possible.

    However; what you could do is put in a combination router. Router + Switch + wireless access point all in one. You put that where you want the wired connection right? Then in another section of the house, you can add a wireless repeater to boost the wireless signal.

    That way you get the wired connection you want where you want it, you clean up the wifi coverage issue, and your ISP only sees one device.

    Everyone wins :)

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  3. DaveyB1981

    DaveyB1981 Byte Poster

    I would agree, Im pretty sure it cannot be done, plus it would seem silly to connect two devices when the simplest solution would be a repeater.

    My setup consists of a router which serves much of the house wirelessly, but is connected directly (by ethernet) to my Xbox 360 (partly as i did not want to shell out the extortionate amounts required for a wireless adapter!) Upstairs the signal can drop, so i will soon be putting a repeater in (when time allows!)

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