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    I have a question about trojans, now i'm that clued up on this so don't laugh at me ok I was wondering say if my hd had a trojan virus on it but I had a firewall, would that stop hackers getting in even if theres a trojan on my hd and they use the tool to access my pc.
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    Quick answer - depending on how the trojan operates, it may be able to open a specific port and bypass the firewall, which would therefore (in theory) allow miscreants to gain access your PC.

    Dare say there will be more informative answers to follow ...
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    Anti-virus and firewalls do different jobs although they are usually part of a security package.

    Anti-virus software must be kept to date. The best thing to do is configure your software as soon as a patch comes out (Micro trend sometimes updates twice a day) to download it without bothering to ask you. This way it works away nicely in the background.
    I would also set a scan daily. This might seem overkill but it is better to prevent something than to try and get rid of it! Some of these virus' are a real bugger (can i say that!) to get out of your system.
    As Gav already said if you have a virus working away on your system and then installed a firewall it might find a way around it.
    The idea of a software firewall is to check or regulate in/out going traffic to your PC using all the ports availible.
    Some people only use a hardware firewall (like the ones on some routers which have a true in/out feature). This is good because it is less processing for your PC to worry about.
    This means you would only have to have an Anti-virus program.

    Personally, I have Microtrend Internet Security which can be bought here . Touch wood, it hasn't failed yet. It has some really good faciliites and has everything you need.

    One thing to bear in mind is if you use P2P programs or Bittorent then you are opening your system up to abuse. You effectively have to tame down your system to allow "trusted" stuff in.

    Hope this sheds some light on your query.
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    Some Firewalls (like the one in XP SP2) only work to keep things out. If you have a trojan, it will seek to phone home, and many firewalls will do nothing to stop that. As Mitzs said, you can go get a free scan, and even better is Boyce's recommendation of the Excellent and top rated Trend Micro Internet Security Suite.
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