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Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by cellardoor, Aug 28, 2005.

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    Ok, I was doing the sample questions in the MCDST 70-271 in the Microsoft Prep-Kit book and I noticed that usually it will say when they require more than one answer but on this particular question it didn't and there were 2 answers. The question was basically how to get to a certain tool. You could go via the start menu or via the help and support section.

    Do these type of questions crop up in the real exam? They are frustrating :x
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    Theycsure do mate and they get more and more diverse. They normally say if they want more than one answer and the answers are sometimes (not always) the round radio points for single answers and square blocks for multiple answers. However the exams have changed a bit since I sat one so don't take that as given. :blink
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    Designing test questions can be challenging (just look at Freddy catching my Linux+ question errors). :tongue It's possible that you just encountered a typo that no one discovered before it made it to print.
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    This is one of those questions, like so many government style questions, where they are looking for what they consider to be the "most correct" answer. What's the "most correct answer"? Only MS knows for sure.

    I think it's their way of making sure everyone misses something unless they are just very lucky.
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