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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Jaron78, Jul 28, 2021.

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    In Feb 2020 I obtained my CCNA R&S. 1 week later, I was made redundant due to Covid.
    I had already started working on my JNCIA Junos and in May 2020, I got that too. I managed to get a new role in "Support" in May and a year and a bit later, Im still here.

    Im working on taking my JNCIA Dev Ops in a couple of weeks and work have informed me today that I can also take the Cisco Dev Net Associate via Firebrand!

    Its a fantastic opportunity, but I dont want to be one of these Paper CCNA's if that makes sense. Should I still aim for the Dev Net and see where it takes me?

    Be good to get some opinions.

  2. Rob1234

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    Take it! Fireband are expensive and if work are paying you are turning down free money, makes no sense to do that.

    Do not worry about being a paper CCNA, from high school to university you receive a piece of paper when you learn and pass an exam/course work, why should the training you undertake be any different. You gain experience at different times and all the training you are doing will only make gaining experience easier.
    Certifications: A few.
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  3. Jaron78

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    Thanks @Rob1234
    Great points! Will book it this week.

    Appreciate the response.

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