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Training Resources for CCNA ?

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by adeelmpk, May 6, 2007.

  1. adeelmpk

    adeelmpk Bit Poster

    I am desperately looking to prepare for CCNA exam but not quite sure which is the best way to make my way to exam. I am a fresh MSc Computer Science. I studied a basic module on networking during Undergrads years ago. I have never specifically played with any cisco device but fairly good at setting up a basic LAN and network configuration, as I’ve a couple of networks configured at home and I keep experimenting them.
    Can anyone suggest a good way to start, I prefer a full time course and don’t really have time to go to any classes (As I am busy working), but I can spare about 6-8 hours a day to spend on learning for CCNA. Hence I will prefer CBT training or something I could do while sitting in front of my computer, but don’t really know the reliability of it in real time knowledge.
    I contacted cisco academies in my area but they are charging around 1000 pounds for each of the four CCNA parts making me paying 4 grand for the whole CCNA excluding exam fee. This is a bit higher than my budget.
    Someone has recommended http://www.cbtnuggets.com/webapp/product?id=41 but again don’t know how reliable is it?
  2. onoski

    onoski Terabyte Poster

    Hi adeelmpk and welcome to CF. I'd advice you get the CBT nuggets as well as that of Trainsignal as they are equally very good. Also get the Cisco Press book as they go well into detail for the course. It is not an easy course or exam to pass but with hard work and determination you'd be okay.

    To get some hands on practive I'd advice you go for network-emulators.com as its a bundle on cisco routers, switch and firewall terminal dos prompt type of simulator with the theory and commands. Cheerio and lets know what you do decide.

    However, I am sure you'd agree with me that it's not the cert that matters the most but the knowledge and experience you retain by learning.:biggrin
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  3. Headache

    Headache Gigabyte Poster

    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    CBT nuggets are very very good. Watching the videos on any given topic is like sitting through a real, live lecture. With the exception of course that you can pause, playback or repeat anytime you want. I can't remember how many topics are covered in the nuggets. But I think there are about thirty or so, each lasting roughly thirty minutes. By the time you watched all the videos you'll definitely have a good grasp of what the CCNA is all about. So if you're thinking of buying it, don't hesitate. Go ahead and buy it.

    Bear in mind though that you still have to supplement this with a lot of reading and hands on.
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  4. adeelmpk

    adeelmpk Bit Poster

    Thanks for your reply onoski, I am going to buy that CBT nuggets shortly, do I need to buy Trainsignal as well ? To me they both look same as they provide CBT training.

    Secondly you recommended network-emulators.com, I am sure they are good simulations/emulators to get yours hands on experience, but do they really compensate the actual practical experience what you can get in real Lab ?

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