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Training centres in Merseyside and other advice...

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Ben604, May 15, 2008.

  1. Ben604

    Ben604 New Member

    Hello, my name's Ben, I'm 25 and hoping to get into an IT job. My only issue is how! I'm probably like anyone who wants to get into IT, been building/maintaining/networking home computers since I was about 12, enjoy it very much and have plenty of basic knowledge but no work experience or certification so, having packed my £18000 a year job with HMV in January and travelling around NZ and Australia for 4 months, I come to you for advice!

    My options:

    1) Find any old job and go to my local college in september to do a year long Comptia A+ and MCDST courses simultaniously at a cost of £400 and £150, respectively.

    2) Find a local training centre and do those courses at a cost of £800 and £1000 respectively over 2 weeks and then Temp in an office until I can get into a helpdesk job.

    3) Temp until an entry level job with training turns up (unlikely I'm sure)

    Any ideas/experiences would be helpful and if anyone has any experience of any merseyside training centres like "Connect Training" etc, that would be great too!


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