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Training assistance for a deaf person?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by G_uk, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. G_uk

    G_uk Bit Poster

    Hi all

    I am currently doing contract work for a company in the UK providing IT training.

    Today I was asked if I could assist one of their clients in obtaining his A+. This client is deaf. He can sign in UK language and lip read.

    I am happy to do all I can to assist this person. I have suggested he sits in on my next group and see how he feels about it.

    If anyone could offer any additional advice that may be beneficial I would appreciate it.

    Also does anybody know if there are any training videos that incorporates sign language?

    Thank you all for any input.
  2. SimonD
    Honorary Member

    SimonD Terabyte Poster

    Teaching a deaf person really shouldn't be hard as long as you remember that you are always facing him when talking, that you need to be clear and concise and try not to OVER pronounce your words, they are deaf, not stupid.

    I would also perhaps suggest picking up a few words in BSL, a thank you, well done, see you tomorrow etc, it will be appreciated and you can bet that they will feel better for it.
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  3. G_uk

    G_uk Bit Poster

    Thanks Simon

    I'm well aware that being deaf doesn't mean you're stupid :wink:

    I do also have to be aware that I'm likely to have 5 - 6 other clients in the group and I must be mindful of the fact I also have an obligation to them.

    I do already know a few words in international sign language. Unfortunately they're all expletives! :) So your advice about learning some basic BSL is a good one.

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