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Tired of sweating at Walmart

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Binary'snotscary_74, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Binary'snotscary_74

    Binary'snotscary_74 New Member

    I have decided I want to work the network/security/cloud/wireless side more than Programming this time. I actually self study for comptia A+ about 5 years ago but life sucked my desire out to finish and take the test. But I did build my computer I use still to this day in my home office by just upgrading the guts once new tech comes out . Can you please guide me in the right direction of becoming a Network administrator ?

    What entry level job could I start at?
    Can I get that entry job with just self study(Trainsignal )cnaa ,n+,A+
    Am I too old to just start IT with no IT jobs on my résumé ?


    P.s. I currently work for Walmart sweating in 100 degree heat as a shipper clerk/Loader asking myself wth am I doing here:cry::eek:
    WIP: N+,C+ security+
  2. l4ter

    l4ter Nibble Poster

    1. your never too old.
    2. you got the power to change.
    3. start with something familiar like the A+

    Most people have the difficult task of spending money on materials, but my favorite word is free. Have you heard of professor messer?

    I would rely on any one source for material but youtube is full of video material which you can watch step by step and breaks it down for you. Once you have an understanding, start using books to aid your study. It will start rolling from there.

    If you are determined enough, learning becomes fun and then its easy to apply and explain what to do as and when you go for interviews.

    ?Do walmart have an IT department? maybe you could explore that option?
    Certifications: BSc Computing, A+, N+, MCITP Enterprise
    WIP: Level 4 Cyber Security apprenticeship
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  3. Binary'snotscary_74

    Binary'snotscary_74 New Member

    Thanks l4Ter that's encouraging advice. And being so resentful towards Walmart I never considered they're IT dept:rolleyes: I have watched a few prof messer vids and they are very insightful. I will continue to search for free knowledge as well as Trainsignal .

    WIP: N+,C+ security+

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