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Discussion in 'Networks' started by NightWalker, Apr 6, 2005.

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    I am having a bit of a problem with my home LAN. Its the first network I have set up, so its kinda fun, but there is one odd problem I need a bit of help with. I have two XP Pro SP2 computers and an ADSL Router. I got my two pc's to work on the network, share the Internet connection, share files + folders etc. Its been working fine for me for a week or so now, so I know that the connection is ok and the router is set-up right. The problem is this. I added another computer to the network that's running XP Home SP1. It can connect to the Internet, and works fine most of the time. But when I try to sign in to hotmail, log on to e-bay or do anything with an encrypted page, Internet Explorer times out and gives me the 'Cant find that page' message. It must be something to do with the cable to that computer or a setting in that computer. My other pc's work fine with encrypted pages. I still have to figure out how to get the file sharing to work, as I had simple file sharing turned off on the XP Pro machines. I can probably figure that out, that's part of the fun, but this weird thing with Internet Explorer, just on that machine, and seemingly just on encrypted pages has me stumped. I have googled for ideas, but nothing much has come up yet that sounds like the problem I have got. I would appreciate any ides you may have. If I connect it directly with a USB modem it works fine.
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    How are the three computers networked. Are they all connected through the ADSL device or are you using a hub or a switch. If you were running SP2 on the offending machine, I'd suspect a firewall issue. You might want to open up IE (I assume that's the browser you are using) on the machine with problems and see if there's something in the security settings that preventing a connection to an https site. Lastly, although it shouldn't matter given the type of network you describe, XP Home just networks poorly compared to XP Pro. Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.
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    throw on an alternate browser and see what happens with that on SSL based pages, it could be an IE issue rather than a PC issue
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    Well I finally got round to looking into the problem I had with my XP Home machine on my LAN. I did a bit of searching for some info before I got stuck in, but nothing really sounded like the problem I was having. I moved the offending pc downstairs and plugged it into my router with a 1m cable, instead of the 20m cable that runs upstairs. I just fitted it the other week, so I wanted to rule out the cable. Problem was still there. I tried to ping everything on the LAN from everything else, and always got a time out when pinging the offending pc. I disabled the windows firewall on it, and turned off the firewall in the security suite on it. Tried again, ping worked fine. I opened up IE, that started to work fine too. There was me, ready to delve deep into the settings and hunt down the box that needed a tick in, or the option that needed to be switched on. All it was in the end was the firewall blocking communication with the router. Job Jobbed. So that's my first network up and running perfectly :)
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    Good work m8 - nice victory :)
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