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Discussion in 'Software' started by gary_potten, Oct 3, 2005.

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    Hi guys, this one has had me puzzled and I cant get any answers anywher, google normally gives a good place to start but no luck.

    Well heres the problem, I am running a windows 2003 server SBE, the system is ues for many things but this one is quite an issue, last thursday I powered down the server out of hours to connect it to our new UPS.

    Firstly the system wouldnt stut down properly and im talking like 20min to turn off, so eventually I got fed up and pulled the plug.

    The next day our graphics studio went mental because all the dates of there work had been set to the exact time that i pulled the plug, The whole system has now got a last modified date of 6.30 last week.

    I would be greatful if any one could shed some light on this
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  2. simongrahamuk
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    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    I've just done a bit search around Technet, and can't find anything that relates to this.

    All I can suggest is that the server was busy writing stuff when you pulled the plug.

    As for it taking ages to shutdown the only times I have seen this is when the user profile is huge and it has to save it, but as this is on a server then I have no idea.

    Sorry. :blink
  3. michael78

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    Servers can take a while to shut down if they are busy processing info. There may of been software running in the background or maybe a database running (if you have one on the server) thus taking an age to shutdown. If the server is heavily used then this sounds like the most likely cause.
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