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The Top 10 Problems with IT Certification in 2008

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    The Top 10 Problems with IT Certification in 2008

    Less than 10 years ago, certification was a surefire way to enter the growing IT sector. But certification no longer guarantees that you will be able to find a high quality job in IT. It still has its place, but the IT certification industry has faced some systemic problems that no one has addressed since its emergence. Warren Wyrostek calls on personal and real-world experience to share the top 10 problems with IT certification in 2007/2008...

    4. Certifications Have Been Devalued

    This next problem is no secret. IT certifications have been devalued since their heyday in the mid- to late 1990s. The reasons for the devaluation could be the basis for a book. Some of the major reasons why many in the industry do not respect IT certs are the following:

    - It is difficult to truly accept whether candidates know their stuff based on these exams. If you pay enough, a trained chimp could pass many of these exams.


    Read the whole article here.


    p.s. did try to find if this was posted, but could find anything :)
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    1. Qs
      Interesting article :)

      PS - I also had a quick look for you Ken, and I couldn't find the same article in these forums.

    2. dmarsh
      Thanks ken, an interesting set of three articles. I agree with the general premise, certainly his view of the problems and that a degree with exams and project work coupled with some vendor certifications with a decent lifespan seem to be the best current option.
    3. supernova
      I know where he's coming from. You get this type of talk in any type of industry or exam.

      Its the old question asked in AI/Psychology/Philosophy ...

      "does a IQ test really test how intelligent you are or how good you are at IQ tests."

      Another example is can you tell someone is going to be good or the best candidate from a single interview... No personally I don't think so! .... they might just be good at interviews :D

      Just one of many tools in the box
    4. greenbrucelee
      Certs & IT are devalued because there are too many people who think it is the way forward to big money and if cheating can get them there they will.

      I think a bigger approach to stopping braindumps is needed and people need to be told the truth that IT isn't well paid untill you really get somewhere, but getting there takes a lot of hard work.

      I think this would atleast slow down the devaluation of certs.

      EDIT: is there no way Microsft can get info from BD sites by obtaining ip adresses of computers the BDs have been downloaded to?
    5. craigie
      Interesting read, thanks Ken.
    6. UKDarkstar
      Interesting read tho' I think most of it has been said before.

      In my past life in financial services, accreditation was by exam through a professional body (Chartered Insurance Institute, Chartered Inst of Building Societies, Chartered Inst of Bankers) so maybe this is something the BCS should jump on as being a representative body to confirm experience and certs ?
    7. kevicho
      Has the author not seen this site, people are self training more now they can no longer rely on the business to hold there hand all the time.

      Otherwise lots of great points.
    8. Crito
      More boolshiat... using the same reasoning... MBAs from Harvard should now be devalued. Why? Because George Bush has one and the economy is in the [email protected] Clearly having an MBA from Harvard does not prove competence. With enough money, even a trained chimp can buy one. So is the value of a Harvard MBA going down? No?

      It's articles like this that devalue my certification, not the liars and cheaters, whom you'll find everywhere in life.

      I'm sure he has many valid reasons to be p1ssed off at the certification merry-go-round. Just don't try and take it out on me, OK buddy!

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