The exclusive Johnny User Account Interview.

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    Ladies and gentlemen do we have a treat in store for you tonight.Yes, it's the one they all wanted, it's the Johnny User Account Interview (mad applause)
    This interview was conducted over TCP/IP.
    Johnny User Account=J

    (I) OK I think we've connected to Johnny, are you there Johnny
    (J)Yes I'm here, is TCP/IP ok?
    (J)OK go ahead
    (I)So Johnny where have you been all this time, we've missed you?
    (J)Thanks.I've been off the network for a while, it all got too much for me.
    (I)Are you ok now then?
    (J)Oh sure, my profile is in shipshape condition.I've been given a new set of policies and permissions, lifes great, thanks!
    (I)It wasn't always like that though was it Johnny.
    (J)Yes, your right.I went through some tough times.
    (I)Like the time you were kicked off the network?
    (J)Oh yes, that was awful, stuck in a stand-alone environment, no resources to share or connect to, no communication, those were dark days.
    (I)So Johnny, how did it turn out so bad?
    (J)It wasn't long after I'd been created, the admin gave me full admin rights and I was let loose on the network.I made a mess with files/ folders, other accounts, verything, I just went crazy.
    (J)Just because I could I suppose.The admin was auditing my escapades, he soon put a stop to my antics.
    (J)With a heavy hand.I had policies slapped on me left, right and centre, man I couldn't move.My permissions, if any, to files/folders was Read Only.The admin was monitoring my every move.
    (I)OK, so how did you get booted off the network?
    (J)Like I say the admin set tough policies down.However on one file my permissions were full control, the admin had missed this file.The file contained important data, it was encrypted but because I had full user rights I simply decrypted it and destroyed the file.After that incident the admin blew his top and threw me off the network.
    (I)How did the admin know it was you?
    (J)Auditing.I reckon he set a trap for me, he'd backed up his data the day before so he knew what he was doing.
    (I)I know you don't like to talk about your past too much Johnny so let's move on to your new life, tell us how you started over and what a typical day is like for you.
    (I)Johnny are you there?Oh I'm afraid the connection has been lost.We've only just begun this interview, the best parts are still to come by far.

    We'll try again to initiate another connection to Johnny sometime soon but only by popular demand.I know that Jhnny wants to talk about his new life and especially how he interacts with his new network.
    Stay tuned :D
  2. brent

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    lol, thats my account at work. The SYS ADMIN IS WATCHING...........

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