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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Pete01, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Pete01

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    It's been a while since I did a cert, I seem to remember before you'd go into the testing centre room, be shown to your station where there would be a pad of A4.

    Do they still let you jot down notes (from memory) in prep for the exam before it starts?

    For my CCNA I will want to draw up binary, hex and subnetting tables and charts, I know I am allowed to do this but my question is am I allowed to do this before starting the actual exam so I'm not writing charts and calculating 256^15 while the clock is ticking?
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    The test centre I went to gave me a wipe clean board for me to use, with e pen to match. I was given no direct verbal instruction that I was not allowed to write on it before the exam started.
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    Yeah, the standard procedure these days is for them to provide you with either paper and a pen, or more often these days a wipe clean board and marker.

    What you do with these is up to you, there is nothng to stop you form writing on them before the actual exam begins.

  4. Modey

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    When I did both my A+ exams, I was told not to write on the little whiteboard thing until I had started the exam. I didn't use it anyway, but I remember them saying that.

    I don't think I was told the same on my N+, so I guess different centre's enforce the rules to different degrees.
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