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Tech Telephone Interview

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by djw, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. djw

    djw Nibble Poster


    I have a Techie telephone interview next week. Haven't had one of these for a while and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to stop all knowledge dissappearing from my head the moment I get the call? :D


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  2. orangepeeleo

    orangepeeleo Nibble Poster


    i made a complete hash of my first technical interview over the phone, it was nerve wracking to say the least!

    couple of things that i'd make sure i remembered the next time though,

    Have your cv in front of you when your on the phone, i had to flap about looking for mine in a heap of paper at my desk and it was just one thing that increased my stress and i could have done without!

    Following on from that, clear clutter from around the phone, make yourself a drink, get everything prepared (notepad, pen etc) and chill out for 5mins before, just calm yourself down b/c even though its not face to face a nervous person still comes across as such over a phone imo, i find that i can keep my cool and do well in face to face interviews but over the phone i went to pieces, i think its b/c i play poker tbh, its a cliche but i'm really good at judging what people are thinking and changing my tact in reaction, over the phone i didnt have a clue what he was thinking of me and its really unsettling lol

    Do a bit of revision before on basics and dont over think your answers, when asked a question take 10 secs to quickly think what you are going to say and then calmly say it, i was asked questions on subnet masks, APIPA and DHCP default IP's, internet connectivity, network connectivity, just basic stuff that a customer will come to you and want help for, like "a customer is saying they cant get on the internet what would you check", or "a customer has no connection to the network, you check her IP and it is 169.254.x.x, what could be wrong" (i'll never forget that IP for as long as i live!!)

    Not much advice there b/c i've only actually had 1 technical interview myself but if i could do it again i would 1)spend some time preparing your phone space, 2)revise before hand 3)calm the f**k down!!

    GL and don't worry if you **** it up as i did and ive still been invited in for a face to face interview!
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  3. Mikeyboy

    Mikeyboy Kilobyte Poster

    Can't really give any further advice other than just be calm if possible, I found my one telephone interview more daunting than any of the face to face ones, but just have a think about each question, and give your answer and stick to it, when I had mine, they left very long silences (obviously deliberate) and I kept fluffing it and going er.... is that right.... ??? .... so try not to do that, I sounded very stupid probably - don't forget it is as much to test your telephone abilities as well as your technical knowledge...

    Also pick somewhere QUIET - preferably the house or somewhere you wont be disturbed... when I had mine, for some reason i thought it would be a good idea to go and park on some industrial estate to make the call - well a massive articulated lorry decided to do a 3 point turn in front of me whilst i was on the phone, i had cars next to me, the noise of the lorry, beep beep beep, oh it was a nightmare :D
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  4. SimonD
    Honorary Member

    SimonD Terabyte Poster

    Actually if I were you I wouldn't think of it as a technical interview, think of it simply as experience. You need to be you, you need to be calm and honest, if you don't know the answer say that, but also add that you can find it out.

    The last thing anyone wants is a bs'r, if you're honest and a little bit nervous that's ok, its if you are bs'ing about things and not realising that you're wrong that you will come a cropper.

    I will second the part about wanting to do it in a nice quiet environment, at home is good but if you have to a nice quiet car park whilst sat in your car (just make sure you have decent signal strength on the phone, you don't want to be moving midway through).

    Finally (and perhaps silly) make sure you don't need to go to the loo, I know it's silly but it can cause you issues if you're in need.
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  5. djw

    djw Nibble Poster


    Many thanks for the responses. Well the interview seemed to go well - in fact, it must of as I have been invited in for a face to face interview :D.

    I had to do it in the car so found somewhere I knew would be quiet and it helped alot. I was calm, honest and stuck with my answers. Also the heads up with regards to APIPA addresses came in very handy, and the tip about the loo - nothing worse then having that feeling in the middle of the interview :biggrin

    I have another question I was hoping people may be able to give advice about. If salary is mentioned in the face to face interview, can I ask if the salary offered is the same as the person that previously did the job? Also, if they have previously asked for a minimum preferred salary that I would be looking for and that minimum is offered, should I risk asking what they would have gone up to?

    Thanks for the help,

    Certifications: A+, MCDST

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