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Discussion in 'Networks' started by Ally, Nov 15, 2005.

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    Just a quick question id liked cleared up if possible. Say i have a network that uses solely TCP/IP but i then add in a netware server, what all do i need to configure? As far as i can see i would configure netware client on the connection (i.e. LAN) which would in turn install the IPX protocol automatically. Would this be sufficient to allow full communication or would further configuration be required on the netware server such as TCP/IP. Also would all the client computers and servers require the netware client and IPX protocol to be installed aswell?? :D

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    What version are you installing? The last version or two of Novell's software use TCP/IP.
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    modern netware doesnt use IPX anymore, but provided your network is not routed, then installing IPX on the client, as well as the novell client itself on the client, then all should be good
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    ok, here's the deal

    Since Novell 5.0 TCP/IP has been the default protocol. But.. and there's always a but...

    Microsofts Novell client only works with IPX. Therefore, you have 2 choices. Install IPX on the Novell server and on all the MS clients OR don't use Microsofts client s/w for Novell - go to Novells website and use their own Zenworks client s/w that supports TCP/IP

    Personally, I'd be off to Novells website as the MS client is out of date
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