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Taking on too much?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Alex Wright, May 30, 2007.

  1. Alex Wright

    Alex Wright Megabyte Poster

    Hi guys, me again - after some advice!

    As many of you will already know, I recently landed my first IT job, working on a help-desk for one of the UK's biggest publishing companies.

    In addition to the in-house training that I will be given in my new job, I also start a computing degree (1 afternoon a week at my local college + assignments, revision etc) in September. I was wondering if studying for the A+ alongside this would be too ambitious - I know it can take up to a year to achieve.

    What are your thoughts? Do you think I'm biting off more than I can chew?


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  2. tripwire45
    Honorary Member

    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    Gee...I work a full-time job and at any given time, I'm also either writing or editing a book or some other "after hours" job plus trying to study XML and JavaScript. When I was taking my most recent degree, I went to school full-time (about 13 credit hours a semester), worked full-time (40 to 48 hours a week) and was studying for either my A+ or Network+. It was tough, but I managed it.

    Only you can decide how much "bandwidth" you have to take on various tasks. Most people can probably handle more than they think they can, but there are sacrifices, such as a social life, and sleep. If you need to be doing that much right now, you'll find a way. On the other hand, ask yourself, "What's the rush"?
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  3. nXPLOSi

    nXPLOSi Terabyte Poster

    Thats a very tough question, I've found myself learning alot that relates to A+ through my job rather then actually through reading the books and watching the videos etc.. so it may come naturally to aid that with a little A+ studying.

    Settling down in the job is the first priority, once you've done that, if you find yourself having free time, i'd say go for it. If it becomes to much, you can just stop A+ and concentrate on other things.

    Good luck! :)
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  4. Arroryn
    Honorary Member

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed

    I'm a mixture of the above; only you truly know what you can handle. The fact that you are even asking the question means that you may have niggling doubts.

    From a personal perspective, I started my first IT job recently; I was also learning the N+, moonlighting and trying to write my first novel.

    Despite the fact that I managed to pass the N+, I couldn't give everything the time it deserved, with my new job being the number one priority. My passing score wasn't as high as I would have liked, and I wrote some pretty shoddy rubbish in the meantime. lol.

    Put straight in your mind all the things you want to be doing right now, and put them in order of priority. By all means, try doing all of them. But with the A+, for example, you may just want to buy the MMAIO study book and peruse through it, as opposed to giving yourself a set date for the exam. If you are happily digesting the A+ material alongside your job and your degree, then put your foot on the gas a little more, and see how your brain takes it.

    From the 4 months of experience I've had so far, the helpdesk job and the A+ will glide along happily together (apart from bespoke inhouse work!)

    Just be methodical about it all, and don't feel bad if you have to delay one of your aims; because it is only a delay, and if you're really passionnate about it, you'll 1) understand why you're giving the priorities the care and attention they deserve and 2) you know that in the end everything will be worth the wait.

    Good luck!
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  5. Alex Wright

    Alex Wright Megabyte Poster

    Thanks for the advice guys.
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