Symantec 'security scan' distributes rootkit

Discussion in 'News' started by Phil, Jul 16, 2003.

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    "Symantec Security Check is a free web-based tool that enables users to test their computer's exposure to a wide range of on-line threats," the press release begins. Unfortunately, Symantec Security Check has also been installing an on-line threat of its own in the form of a dangerous ActiveX control.

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    1. SimonV
      I checked out OK. Says my virus software could do with being a newer version, not sure if that just means buying their product. :lol:
    2. Phil
      :) probably, I just stick with AVG, it's free works and is regularly updated - what more could you ask for... oh and as far as I know it doesn't install exploits :D
    3. Nelix
      I checked out the same as you ~SimonV~, I suppose thats oneway of marketing you product,

      I use McAfee Virus Scan, never had any problems and it has regular updates, it also updates automatically.
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    4. SimonV
      Use the same here. Its done me proud in the past so i'm sticking with it 8)
    5. Nelix
      What Version you running

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