SUSE 9.3 Pro for Home Networking

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    SUSE 9.3 Pro for Home Networking

    Novell announced the April release of SUSE Linux 9.3, the next version of its consumer Linux software, today at CeBIT. SUSE Linux Professional 9.3 will include a complete Linux operating system featuring a complete set of desktop applications and home networking capabilities. It is pitched as a reliable and secure alternative to Windows suitable for both experienced users and Linux newbies.

    SUSE Linux Professional 9.3 comes with a wide range of consumer applications including an office suite ( 2.0); Firefox Web browser; email and instant messaging clients. It will come bundled with a range of graphics and multimedia applications including F-Spot photo organizer, the GIMP 2.2 and Inkscape graphics programs, multimedia viewers and CD/DVD burners. It will also feature the latest tools for setting up a secure home network (an integrated firewall, spam blocker and virus scanner), running a Web server and application development. Mono 1.1.4, KDevelop 3.2 and Eclipse 3.0.1 are all available out of the box.

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    1. Phoenix
      Ooo Mono
      dunno what version i'm waiting for, but when they get a common cross architecture (C# and Java) VM I will be well pleased, JAVA is a slow resource hog, but if mono can pipe it into a Java/C# VM it should run at close to C# speeds, and be much mroe resource efficient, very nice

      check my other news article for other Suse news (based on the April comment in my article, i gather its going to be in the same release, I might just order suse for once (not a big fan of it, but ill give it a go) :D

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