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Discussion in 'Networks' started by punkboy101, Aug 18, 2004.

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    Hi All

    This is probably a really easy thing to sort, and I feel stupid havin to ask :oops: this, as i'm sure there is a simple explanation and resolution.

    I got called out to a client's office this morning to sort out a problem with their network. They only have 2 machines in the office, connected with a crossover cable. they don't have internet access, so there is no firewall or anything.

    Now, the problem.

    It's a medical centre, and they have a program that they use for scheduling and recording patient information. The database is centrally stored on the computer in the admin area.

    The problem is the computer at the front desk is unable to connect to the DB when she tries to open the program. It says the path is invalid or unavailable. No problem I though, just a sharing problem or something.

    Anyway, I had a look, and the path to the DB was correct, I just wasn't able to connect. so i opened the network connections, clicked on the drive that stores the DB, and presto, no problem accessing it. The program worked like a dream.

    I restarted the machine, and again the same problem.:x :scratchAny, so I did the same thing, and again it worked perfectly.

    So what I've had to do is place a shortcut to the shared drive on her desktop, so that when she logs on, she open's the network folder, closes it then opens the program. I've got to go back on Friday, cause at the moment I just see this as a work around. Ideally she shouldn't have to open the link to the shared drive, she should just be able to open the program.

    Any ideas?
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    Automatically reconnect at logon, maybe that has to be enabled?

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