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Discussion in 'A+' started by MrNice, Oct 27, 2004.

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    I got a few questions I sure would appreciate some guidance on, more on the reason you are going for a particular answer as I just cant get my head round these ones.

    Q)The CD-ROM drive is working on my Win98 PC, but it does not appear in windows explorer. What is the most likely reason?

    1)A real mode driver is installed for the CD-ROM drive
    2)A virus has corrupted the boot sector
    3)The CD-ROM is not a supported brand

    I am unsure between 1 & 3, If the CD-ROM is not a supported brand it would need to use a real-mode driver to work, as a real-mode driver is 16bit and I believe windows explorer is 32bit I think maybe it would not show? If thats untrue and explorer lists 16bit then it must be 3?

    Q)I just assembled a chain of external SCSI devices for a customer, after reboot no problems are encountered, after I leave the guy is straight on the phone complaining the PC has stopped responding. What have I done wrong?

    1)Resource conflict involving 2 or more SCSI devices
    2)Duplicate SCSI ID's
    3)Incompatibility between ISA host adapter and the PCI slot
    4)Improper termination

    I would say answer 1 & 3 would cause problems after reboot, I dont think answer 2 would cause this error so I am left with 4?

    Q)You replace the ink cartridge in an inkjet printer, the printouts now consist of jagged lines, first action you should take to resolve?

    1)Print a test page
    2)Run a printer diagnostics program
    3)Run a printer alignment program
    4)Remove and reinstall the cartridge

    I am particularly upset about this one, working with printers and all, employed as a tech specialist on 105ppm laser numbers no less. I have put 3 as my previous answer but do you think they are looking for it to be simple as answer 4, as this probably is the first thing to do incase it just aint sitting right?
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    Q1) I am also stuck between 1 and 3 but more likely 1. not sure but the others will know more.

    Q2) I would say 4...SCSI components have to be terminated. but then again even I am miffed on this one. altho I am open to correction guys!

    Q3) I would say 4...since thats what you replaced its more likely to be that then you can work your way thru everything else after that.
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