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Discussion in 'Network Infrastructure' started by dirtyh, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. dirtyh

    dirtyh Bit Poster

    Hello everyone, im not sure if this is the right place to ask but ill carry on.
    question if i set up a network of six pc's probably on xp all with static ip's how do i do this as the router or switch will use one ip and sub all the others dynamically i think,will the router let me set them all with there own ip address.:oops:

    sorry i havnt had time to study the forums for answers before asking this.

    thx all

  2. AJ

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    Why give them a static IP addy. Use the router to do that, it should run DHCP for you so why bother.

    Ok, soz just read the post again. There should be an option not to use DHCP and use a certain range of IP addys.
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  3. tripwire45
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    I'm a little confused here. Is your router also acting as a dhcp server? Also...yes you can set your PCs to all have static IPs even with a dhcp server pumping out IPs on your network but as AJ says, why bother? I'm not sure I know what you mean as far as this being a problem with your router or switch. Routers and switches have IPs primarily for administrative purposes and naturally, every device on your network must have a unique IP address. Assuming they are all on the same network segment, they should be using the same subnet mask.

    I can't help but think that you may not be asking your question in the best way possible. Can you take a few minutes and word it a bit more completely? I just want to make sure that we have all the details we need to understand your situation so we can be of the most help. Thanks.
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  4. dirtyh

    dirtyh Bit Poster

    Ok sorry it was a bit vauge.
    A freind is setting up an office with 6 pc's, and asked me to build them for him he also asked if all could have seperate ip addy's i think this has to do with him being a bit devious as he buys and sells allsorts of things and doesnt want tracing via ip address ie: the pc's being connected in anyway to each other as a buisness, as he owns quite a few that supply different prices.

    still sounds vauge, but ive not started this yet and havn't bought any equipment i presume he will want me to install a network of some kind.
    So do you think it will be possible to set it up with static ip's for all six as i dont really understand this to much he will be allocated a ip address via isp (static or dynamic) then how do you allocate the addreses.
    hope this is easy reading for you all:unsure
  5. Phoenix
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    um, if he wants a net connection all machines will visably come from the same external address, what you name them internally is irrelavant, and hardly ties the machine to you/your company

    the fact that they will all use the same NAT gateway means they will all get the same external address when on the net/emailing, thus tying them together
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  6. tripwire45
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    Once again, Ryan has nailed it. Your friend isn't going to be able to circumvent this particular issue as he plans.
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  7. dirtyh

    dirtyh Bit Poster

    sorry ben away for a while.

    that sums it up for me,if he wants individual ip's with no tie to each other he's bollaxed, unless he orders seperate line's i guess which will be expensive.

    thanks all for the info you all provided.

    ltr harry
  8. Sandy

    Sandy Ex-Member

    The router will have an IP address either static or dynamic and everything needs to go thru the router - his ISP will have a pool of IP's so tracing is easy. You can run but you can't hide.
  9. michael78

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    Can't really add much to what the rest of the guys have added. All the PC's go through one gateway so it doesn't matter what IP's you give the PC's the only one that is traced is the gateway's IP (Your Router) this IP is assigned to you by your ISP as far as I know.
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  10. ffreeloader

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    I'd stay about as far away from this project as I could. I'd run, not walk, away from it.
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