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Starting an IT career

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by MrCheese, May 11, 2012.

  1. MrCheese

    MrCheese New Member

    Hey guys, been almost a year since I finished my degree in chemistry, haven't been able to find a job so I'm taking a look into IT.

    I don't have any relevant experience on a commercial basis however I've been repairing and maintaining my home laptops/desktops

    Was wondering where would be the place to start

    Thanks for your help
  2. Coupe2T

    Coupe2T Megabyte Poster

    Comptia A+ and N+ are genrally seen as the first steps on the Certification ladder, then followed by either Microsoft exams or possibly Cisco, depending on which route you want to go down!?!
    Certifications: ECDL, Does that Count!?!
  3. Boffy

    Boffy Megabyte Poster

    Hi MrCheese, welcome to the forums!

    Start by getting A+ certified. This is the entry level cert that gives you the vendor-neutral understanding of hardware and operating systems at a basic level.

    To get information for the A+, go to CompTIA

    In regards to resources, I highly recommend Mike Meyers A+ book. As always, use a second resource and for this we have ProfessorMesser - a free online video resource Professor Messer, CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Microsoft Certification TrainingHope that helps. Best of luck!
    Last edited: May 11, 2012
    Certifications: BSc Computer Game Technology, A+
    WIP: MOS 2010
  4. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    Hey there!

    If you decide to go for certifications like A+ and Network+ I would also recommend that you also start looking for entry level IT positions, like Help Desk/Desktop Support. Having a degree is definitely an achievement and will help you out down the line, unfortunately in the beginning, its harder to find IT jobs because of the lack of experience, but it is possible. Once you get your foot in the door, it gets easier each year.
    Certifications: A+ | CCA | CCAA | Network+ | MCDST | MCSA | MCP (270, 271, 272, 290, 291) | MCTS (70-662, 70-663) | MCITP:EMA | VCA-DCV/Cloud/WM | VTSP | VCP5-DT | VCP5-DCV
  5. Dots

    Dots New Member

    Hi MrCheese

    I am in the same situation as you. Basically I came in the UK a year and a half ago with: very poor English, average IT knowledge (troubleshoot in the hood), 60£, no right to work, work experience opposite in every way to IT field and willingness to learn.

    Today: BTEC level 3 diploma in IT/networking, English level above average (still using spell checker: tune), IT Support/Tutor (volunteer for a non-profit org.) and will go for N+ or CCNA. I have been applying for jobs since February and got 4 interviews with the same company (been 4 weeks since i didn’t hear anything from them - so unsuccessful).

    Do not give up!!! Get a volunteer role meanwhile as it still counts as experience and the luck will strike.
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