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South Coast - Portsmouth & Southampton

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by jodsclass, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. jodsclass

    jodsclass Byte Poster

    Hey guys. Just a quick question. Finished uni now, and Manchester has worn thin on my wife and I. We are considering relocating to the south coast, Southampton, portsmouth way, as My wife grew up round there. Just wondering what the IT market is like down there. I have done some searches on the usual job sites and there appears to be a fair few employers there, but just wondering if anyone is living down there who can give me a real feel for the market.

    The move is likely to take place in January, New year, New start.

    Help, as usual will be much appreciated.

    Jodsclass :blink
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  2. zebulebu

    zebulebu Terabyte Poster

    Its not as bad down there as it is in a lot of places - but to be honest, most of 'your line' of work, which, from memory, is Web/design related (correct me if I'm wrong there!) seems to me to be centred around Brighton. Lots of new media houses round that area - I've done systems consulting for a few of them.

    Mind you, Brighton's not that much of a commute from Southampton/Havant way, so you should be pretty well off for jobs being based there. Also, you're not a million miles (as the crow flies) from Reading/Bracknell/Basingstoke (which is the UK's equivalent of silicon valley)

    On the downside, of course, Portsmouth and Southampton seem to have far more than their fair share of knuckle-draggers compared to the rest of the UK (although depending on what part of Manchester you live in you may see a marked DECREASE in the percentage of scumbags/non-scumbags) :D
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  3. jodsclass

    jodsclass Byte Poster

    Idd, we have most of Manchesters knuckle draggers around us. We live in Victoria Park, sandwiched between Rusholme, Longsight ardwick and moss side. NICE!

    With regards the work, I'll be reverting back to Systems work. Desktop support and the likes. I don't want to make a career out of design, its just something I do, and I kinda fell into the job whilst unemployed. I have a couple of years desktop support experience so I defo wanna continue on that route.

    Certifications: BSc IT & Web Development
    WIP: MSc Advanced Computing, Oracle Cert
  4. Baron210

    Baron210 Bit Poster


    I live in Selsey on Sea (a 25 minute drive from Portsmouth (Pompey).
    I struggled to find work at first, just getting a foothold & being new to the IT game, but have since settled in nicely in a systems intergration role (building Industrial and ministry of defence PC's / Laptops and Server racks).
    Its fab to live in a place where the crime rate is so low (Chichester where I work has an extremely low crime rate), and I am now working towards my Cisco CCNA at the local college, but although Portsmouth / Southampton have slightly higher problems with occasional crime, Its probably nothing generally when compared to Manchester.
    I used to suffer from hay fever too when I lived in Hemel Hempstead (near Watford & North London), but even that has cleared up mainly thanks (i think) to the wonderful sea air.

    All the best Baron210 (Selsey on Sea):p :p :p
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  5. Sandy

    Sandy Ex-Member

    There seams to be a lot of IT jobs going in Bournmouth, either that or somebody cannot keep their staff!

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