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    Right here goes , i now this is mainly a computer forum, but i have no idea what to do here. Today i was involved in a car smash and yes it was my fault , i was doing about 25, and there were 4 cars includoing mine that just seem to stop for no reason , and hence they all broke and in the chain reaction mine skidded and went into the back of this BMW, the lady was ok and themain damage was on my van as my front lens was totalyy smashed , all the was wrong with the ladys car was a slight scuff of her bumper, and i asked her if she was ok and she replied that she was fine , i gave her my contact details and then we went our separate ways.

    Is there anythjing i should watch out for here as ive heard stories of people claiming whiplash galore and i aint rich at all so can anyone help / advise me on this matter , ive jotted notes down just in case she does try to be funny , but i really dont think she will be as she did seem pretty ok about it at the time , but time has a time of changing peoples minds etc any help will be gratefully recieved :oops:
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    Sounds like a pretty minor fender bender from your description. I have no idea what the laws are where you are about reporting this sort of thing. I assume you'll be contacting your insurance company at some point to get the headlight fixed. You might want to talk to one of the agents about this. I imagine they have a lot of experience in this area.
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    IMHO you must tell your insurance company that there has been an accident. However, tell them that you are not making a claim. I had something similar happen to me and 2 years later found out, when some medical forms came through the post that the other person had claimed for whiplash injury. Forunatly my insurance company covered all that costs, in fact I don't think it went to court.

    Anyway, you've got to cover your butt mate.
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    It is highly likely that they will make a claim. The car you bashed into is a BMW, so everything, even a tiny scratch or scrape would be very expensive to repair. She would want the car to be perfect, which is fair enough. She might wake up the next day with a stiff neck or invent one, people do that for some reason and they rarely mention it at the time!

    I assume you are covered by insurance. Your insurance company will pay for the treatment, if treatment is necessary. She could also claim for loss of earnings etc. The claim could be huge, I know of a similar case where it exceeded £10000!

    This would seriously affect your insurance premium for the future.

    As for your own headlamp, well I expect you have an excess, so you would have to work out whether it is worth claiming for i.e. is the cost greater than the excess?

    Whatever happens good luck, don't worry about it, this kind of thing is very common. Accidents happen even at low speed.

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    Hope you're OK, zx - you sound a bit shaken from your post. Agreed, it's unlikely she would claim, but in today's litigation culture ...... As advised above, speak to your insurance co about this - they will have surely encountered it before.

    As for the damage to your van, before you claim, think about checking out a scrappy. May be cheaper to get a replacement headlamp there than pay your excess. I recently had a lo-speed bump where my lamp got busted. Got it replaced from a scrappy and fitted by my local garage - all under £30, and my excess (untouched now) is £100.
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