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Discussion in 'Software' started by AJ, Jul 1, 2004.

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    Just had this problem with some software that I'm installing using Group Policy. Well the pc's it was going on are about 3 years old and just been upgraded to XP. No problems there plenty of HDD space, RAM and 3D graphics card. No problem running the software at all.

    Made the install point and applied the group policy to the computers assigning the software to the pc's for all users. The computers were not installing the software on reboot, in fact they were not picking up the Computer Policies at all. Hmmm. The machines were imaged using Ghost so thought there maybe something wrong with the image. Nope that was completely wrong. Checked the event log (ahh I hear you say should have been the first thing, all right I know :rolleyes: ). It was showing an error Event ID 1054 "Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name for your computer network Etc"

    Quick Google brought up this this but as the DNS server is supplied automatically it couldn't be that. Then the page linked me to here. Update the NIC drivers it said so after another Google I found out that the XP drivers are actually newer that the manufacturers :eek:. Ahh I thought, so I followed the link to this page.

    So I held my breath and changed the registry. Now the Network Manager has just fitted a couple of Gigabit blades in the main routing switch and I'm thinking that this could be it. AJ's on the ball today :biggrin restart the machine and voila computer setting of Group Policy are applied and software installed :D .

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