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So...You are an IT Pro and You Have Been Laid Off

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Feb 5, 2009.

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    So...You are an IT Pro and You Have Been Laid Off

    First there is shellshock. Then there is anger. Then there are tears. Then there is panic. I’ve probably mixed up those emotions. They all get jumbled up, anyway. Many of us have been there. The point is—now what? In my opinion, from a “next step” career planning perspective, you need to get into high-gear with regard to your people networking. You know the old saw “it’s not so much what you know, but who you know?” Well, its gospel truth, believe it. If you are not yet up to speed on social networking, then you have some homework to do. Get over your fear, loathing, and/or paranoia with regard to the online privacy implications of Web sites like LinkedIn and Facebook; you are gonna need to stretch your boudaries with this sort of stuff if you are to secure your next paid gig post-haste.

    The rest of this small article, including some helpful links, can be found at InformIT
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    1. UKDarkstar
      I partially agree with this though I think British "stiff upper lip" attitudes make it harder for those of us in the UK to do the social networking think (or maybe it's an age thing or me just being a Grumpy Old Man ! :biggrin )

      I was more dispappointed in having to close my business after 10 years. Got myself in a state emotianlly and personally/financially as I'd tried everything to keep it going.

      Now, LinkedIn is sort of useful I guess tho' I have contacts on there in faraway places that I really don't know except from a brief exchange over a technical point or from joining a group. Facebook etc do nothing for me and I don't partake.

      My best "work" related networking has been by actively getting involved with the local branch of the BCS and arranging a Job Night (to be held in March) for local IT professionals. By inviting employers and their staff, recruiters, contractors and training companies I'm certainly building a list of contacts. However, they don't really know me so for the moment it's not productive on the job front. Hopefully time (and the March event) will help with that.

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