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Small firms put IT ahead of tea and biscuits when it comes to cutbacks

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. wagnerk
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    Small firms put IT ahead of tea and biscuits when it comes to cutbacks

    Small businesses would rather slash their IT spending than get rid of the office tea and biscuits.
    A survey commissioned by electricity supplier Opus Energy found nearly 40% of Britain's small businesses are planning to cut their budgets for advertising and business travel (37%) in order to weather the recession.

    The YouGov survey polled over 500 small business owners and managers to discover where they would be cutting back during the current economic downturn.

    Read the whole article here.

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    1. NightWalker
      Hmm, no IT in this day and age means no business. Your competition will have a better website, better CRM system, fewer problems storing and recalling customer data and order information, all that adds up to better customer satisfaction (the corner stone of any modern well run business). So 'Mr IT Budget Cut' will end up loosing customers to the competition; cutting IT, a false economy.
    2. nugget
      But they will be well fed on tea and biscuits while surfing all the great websites out there.
    3. craigie
      I could build an Exchange Server outta Tea and Biscuits errr no I could'nt!
    4. Mof
      seeing they are only cutting back on IT and not closing down dont see to much of A problem but if you cut back on tea and biscuits, cup of tea no biscuit to dunk in it or even worse biscuit and no tea this would be a disaster.:eek:

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