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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Jaron78, Jun 22, 2016.

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    At Home we are running Sky. No issues all good.
    I am working towards the Net+ and was just messing about with the router and looking at some of our settings which all seems very basic.

    So, what we have:

    1 Desktop machine with an External Wireless USB Dongle(My main Desktop with a couple of VM's for testing),
    1 Work Laptop,
    1 Personal Laptop,
    1 Sky HD Box,
    2 iPads,
    1 Samsung S7,
    1 iPhone 5,
    1 PS4

    All of this is running over WiFi as the Router is in the Kitchen.

    My question being, would there be any need for me to acquire a proper Router (With Internal Wifi card etc) and replace the Sky Box? We wont need Port Switching, VPN, QoS / Load Balancing etc so I don't want to go and send money on something we don't really need.
  2. Nyx

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    If you are happy with how everything is running over wifi then I wouldn't bother, it's quite common for different devices to have issues with certain routers. I've gone through a few routers and there was always at least one device that was dropping the signal regardless of distance. Especially if you don't need any extra functionality. Unless you want to go ac but that will cost some money and your phones and tablets won't get any faster

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