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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by ed-swckf, May 14, 2005.

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    I was browsing these forums as i'm about to make that choice of spending a lot of cash on IT training. I got in touch with computeach first but didn't like the sound of £4900 for a+ and ccnp. Looked around for other vendors and came across skills train, met with them yesterday and they offered me A+, Network+, ccna and ccnp for £3500. What i wanna know is after reading some posts in this forum is how sketchy and shady is this whole training stuff, would i be better off buying from somewhere else?

    What i have become very concerned about is the cost of exams, skills train have offered being able to go over the course again for free if i fail but is this some kind of scam to get you to pay over and over for exam fees. Could be very lucrative for them.

    I really want to take on these courses but i want it to be upfront and fair so i have become very reluctant to join up.

    I shall continue to look through the forums for anything that may help but if anyone can help with any advice, perhaps someone who has experienced skills train first hand or knows of somewhere that would offer something that doesn't make one so suspicious.
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    Hi m8.

    You'll probably find various opinions and comments about this, but at the end of the day, whoever you choose, the bottom line is this:

    Training Providers provide materials, support and exam fees (in varying amounts). Therefore, the cost of these will probably be around 3-4k, maybe even more depending on what course you choose.

    You are at all times free to choose to do it yourself, but to do this comprehensively, you will still be easily looking at around £1.5-2K minimum in materials, extra resources etc, to achieve something like MCSE or CCNA, etc.

    I've made this point before, and I'll happily make it again - if you are looking to break into IT (the supposed Gold Mine - eh, NO), your highly unlikely to be given the invitation on a silk cushion. It mostly requires commitment, effort AND outlay on your part. It's reality m8. I've had to do it, and many other (happy) people here will agree.

    Just my opinions as always :)
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  3. Hello World

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    It seems that everyone is allways raving about IT being the money maker... i know one or two people who are now making damn good money via IT related things... but those 1 or 2 have been busting their arses training for years and working their way through cruddy jobs with long hours, i also know a lot of people who spent a lot of cash doing all these courses and just dont like it (people seem to think if they spend 3-7k on a training provider in 6 months they can make 30k+ a year) and get a little dissapointed.

    Now if you wanna make cash ... and im serious here, if you just wanna work for cash then the job you want to go into is HEALTHCARE, train to be a doctor or pharmacist and you have good cash, security and dont really have to keep staying in and out of colleges to be up to date.
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  4. Arroryn

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    Hey, if I wanted to work just for money, I'd still be a forklift truck driver - I can survive on 24k a year for the rest of my life.

    But what I wanted was a career in IT. Something to work for. If you want to do this industry as a career, any training provider you choose will normally set the same kind of fees, with the same kind of 'hooks' to tempt you into joining them. Choose one that fits with the tempo of your life, put your head down, and work. The provider, invariably, won't matter a damn once you've made it - it will still be your own investment and time at the end of the day.

    Good luck in the courses you choose, and the people you take it with - just make sure it's the choice that feels right for you - that's the only thing that really matters.
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  5. Modey

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    IT Tech's don't seem to get paid that well I must admit. It's when you make the move from being a Tech, to something like a Network or IT manager you can start to earn some serious extra cash.

    I'm happy in my current position ( for the time being ). Ok so I'm earning less than 20K, but I have a company car, and my hours aren't that long, at my school's for 8am, and usually home before 5pm. Also my company have now agreed to pay for my certification exams. So I'll stick around for a while longer and see what happens. I'm looking to be earning plenty more in the future though, so need to get the nose to the grind stone and get those certs ... :)
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  6. Phoenix
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    they wont be making any money from the exams, so i wouldnt worry about it being a scam
    alot of companies make similar offers, generally its the better ones that do
    saying that they also generally set very high standards for each part so you pretty much cant fail, even if there not teaching you to that standard (ie requireing 95% on tests but really not helping you get there)
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  7. JonnyMX

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    I took a 30% reduction in salary to get into IT, hey ho, it's where I wanted to be.
    I had a flyer from skills train, but they refused to give me any more information about themselves unless I agreed to see a saleman, so I left it.
    My tutor tells me that they are connected with one of the other big trainers, I can't remember if it was Computeach or Scheidegger. I don't know if it's true or not.
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  8. Boycie
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    If you look at the skills train site it states they "are in association with Scheidegger"
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  9. JonnyMX

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    OK, so it's true.
    Thanks for the clarification mate.
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