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    watching tv last night and flicked over to the shopping chanel on the freeview digital service and they were selling pc`s from mesh the spec was pretty reasonable. but what got on my nerves was the factual inacurarciesthat the presenter was comming out with. for example he was going out about how the onbord graphics chip was good for games, he also said that you could play all of the latest games on it, whilst this may be strictly true the games are going to look pretty ropey.
    did any one else catch the program
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  2. Phoenix
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    mesh, like many brands also available in pcworld, are renown for being piles of **** :)
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    I think you can't beat a home built system. You have exactly what you want. The parts are guaranteed, it is just trying to keep the cost down.

    Sometimes you can't build a system to the spec for the money! :blink
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