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Shadow Copy

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by adam_h, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. adam_h

    adam_h Bit Poster

    I’m looking to implement shadow copy in our Server (2003). I can find loads of information regarding setup/implementing etc however not on the size of the destination drive?

    Is there a rough guide to work to, say 20-50% of the shared drives? We have 700 GB of data in use, some very large files that do not get changed regularly but it’s mainly for word documents that are small in size but change frequently. I appreciate that every environment is probably different.

    I'm right that it won’t instantly copy the whole server but instead as people make changes it will retain the older version?

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  2. dales

    dales Terabyte Poster

    Shadow copy will only make copies (delta) of shared folders on the volume, I did write myself a little tutorial on VSS Linky that you might find useful, then again you might not!
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