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Discussion in 'Software' started by nugget, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. nugget
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    I'd like to set up an email server. I was thinking of using Server 2003 for this as I simply need pop and smtp. Any other OS/program recommendations for this?
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  2. Phil
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    There's a few free mail servers out there, you can find some of them here -

    I've set up mail enable recently and it was pretty straight forward as well as well featured. I think mercury/32 is the server part of Pegasus mail which has been around for donkeys years. It's been a while but iirc it was also quite straight forward to config.

    Another alternative would be Linux but I'm afraid that's uncharted territory for me though I'm sure Ryan would be more than capable of helping there :)
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  3. Jakamoko
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    ...or have a look at Nugget. Look for Surgemail.

    Cracking mail server on there that we use on w2k Adv for some clients at work. Does exactly whay it says on the tin !!!
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  4. Phoenix
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    its free
    2003 has liscensing costs

    Debian with surgemail installed or something (disable sendmail and postfix)
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  5. AndyL

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    why? What for? You could do worse than VPOP3 from It doesn't need server, it will run on any windows platform. There are two versions and they cost very little. We used to run 50 separate installations of it before we installed a WAN.
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