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Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by stager246, May 17, 2005.

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    Well i decided that i am going to go with the book method to get my MCDBA cert. I looked up and bought some of the reference material listed on the other thread. for the 229 and 228 tests and i am looking into getting self tests. Can anyone recommend a good site for them? Is any good? Did anyone even hear anything about them? Thanks for all the help you all have given me already... I really do appreciate it. Thanks :D

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    I used SelfTestSoftware for my A+ exam and I if I am not mistaken it is virtually identical to similar 'Self Test' software by Transcender. The software itself was very good and the intelligent test engine learns the questions you struggle on and feeds them right back at ya! You can also set the software to eliminate questions you get right after two attempts. Best of all a detailed explanation is given for all the answers. I found the questions to be a little tougher than the actual exam questions which is what I wanted. The Transcender software is a little more expensive the SelfTest but I am not sure what the difference is? Hope this helps a bit, let me know if you need to know anymore?
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    In the states Transcender is consider the best out there. I know more than a few techs that won't sit an exam unless they can get atleast 80% on one of their pratice exams. Never heard of selftest before so I can't comment on them.
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