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Discussion in 'Wireless' started by flex22, Apr 10, 2004.

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    Thought I'd start a thread which developed from another thread.

    I've recently bough a wireless router, and need to find ways of securing the transfer of data between my laptop and my router.

    To my shame I've not evenr eally bothered setting any security up.Thinking only of internet threats, I've ignored the internal threat.

    I've found these two articles from the net:

    Securing Your Wireless Network

    Exploiting and Protecting 802.11 Wireless Networks

    I've just glanced over these, and will read them in detail soon enough, probably later.

    Anyway, some interesting points I saw were using non TCP/IP protocols for file and printer sharing.

    Also the use of VPN tunnels, something I've thought about before, but have never implemented.

    Thoughts/discussion on this would be helpful.

    Thanks :!:
  2. Phil
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    This is something a friend of mine has had to sort out recently when he got a wireless router and network card foe his laptop. He was able to get on to the internet via his neighbours unsecured wireless ADSL router when he installed the wireless PCMCIA card in his laptop, though the guilt chip kicked in when he did so he stopped immediately. The point is you never know who has a wireless network card and they may not have the scruples of my mate.

    As far as I know the main steps you can take are locking the router down to only accepting connctions from specific mac addresses, not broadcasting the network ID, enabling wep and changing the default router password. That should discourage little johnny next door from using you for some hacking practice.
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