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    So I have an interview for a IT technician role within a school next week.

    I have worked as an IT technician within another primary school since 2013 till around 2019 before moving to another role within the same school. In reality, I've never really moved away from the IT role and still actually provide support as no one else can assist.

    Anyway, I recently applied for an IT technician role within another school and have been offered an interview. I have prepared a few questions of my own to ask. However, I am not too sure what to expect in terms of the questions that I may be asked.

    I was an apprentice when I first started at the current school I am at and I suppose the questions that were asked at the time weren't too intense or too heavily IT detailed.

    I have also been told that a task will be part of the interview.

    Does anyone have a few tips/pointers please? :)
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    Hopefully theres no conflict of interest but @Kitkatninja has advice for you.

    You might want to introduce yourself in new members too so we know more about you, please
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    First of all, I would say brush up on your safeguarding knowledge (this includes general as well as IT specific, eg filtering, security, monitoring, etc).

    The task could be anything, it's very dependant on your role that you are going for. Don't try to blag, if you don't know say that you don't know, but also be prepared to say "maybe...", or "it could be...".

    IT in education is weird, a good weird, but weird none the less... You could be doing "just" IT, but you may also be doing CCTV, Repro, etc... What is the job description? That would give us a better understanding of what may be asked.
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