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    I have a question about SATA and RAID that's been bugging me for a while now. My MOBO has 2 SATA controllers which can be configured in a RAID 0, RAID 1 or RAID 0+1 setup. The touted advantages of SATA is it's increased throughput of data and NCQ. The question is, would the performance of the RAID be overshadowed by the performance of the SATA disks or vice versa?
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    From previous experience RAID on SATA controllers works very well.

    I have recently bought a new server for work and set it up initially with just individual disks, and then rebuilt it with SATA raid. I have to say that I have not noticed any difference in performance.

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    2 SATA controllers?
    or a 2 Port SATA controller?

    and what do you mean overshadowed? technically they will compliment each other

    a fast SATA drive is Fast,
    two fast SATA drives in raid 0 are faster (theoretically)
    two fast SATA drives in raid 1 are a little slower
    two fast SATA drives in raid 0+1 ... hmm, i think you would need 4 disks for that, but thats just me :)

    NCQ is only available on certain disks and certain controllers, i wouldnt hold your breath on an embedded SATA controller though, most of these are really only providing software raid and dont have dedicated XOR controllers
    because of this 'software raid' status that many falsly believe to be hardware raid because its on a controller and not done via the OS, the advantage and speed boost is somewhat limited, only a true hardware controller offers the benefits 'touted' about
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