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Discussion in 'Project+' started by Kitkatninja, Oct 2, 2009.

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    Well, sat the exam this morning and I have to say that lately I'm not as fast to learn anymore. It was alot harder than I thought it was be, if they keep the old passing score I may have a chance of passing it, but if they up the passing score I'll have no chance.

    OK without violating the NDA:

    1. The exam was 130 questions in 120 minutes, I only took an hour (guessed at least half of the answers).
    2. The exam format is like other Comptia exams, so no long wordy questions.
    3. Know practice applications of PM using PMBOK as well as terminology (this is from CBTNuggets and I agree).

    Is this certification worth anything/it? I would say yes, while maybe not as popular as Prince2, this is the stepping to certifications/credentials like the CAPM and PMP.

    Oh well... Got the rest of the day and the weekend to do what I want to do now :)

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  2. Arroryn

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    Cheers Ken

    I've got mine Tuesday afternoon - it's been a long while since I did any CompTIA format exams, so should be interesting.

    I'll be cramming my ISEB Project Management book, as well as the recommended current Project+ textbook in the meantime.
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    Glad I postponed for a week now. Sounds like it's head down and study/remember !

    Would you say (without breaking NDA) that :

    1) there is a significant change from previous syllabus ?

    2) that they probably have it about right in bringing it up to date ?
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    Thanks, it is informativ
  5. dmarsh

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    Nice necropost !

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