Rumours surround Google browser

Discussion in 'News' started by flex22, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. flex22

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    Rumours surround Google browser

    The net is buzzing with rumours that Google is working on a web browser.

    Full Story: Here

    Thanks to noelg24 for informing about this story.


    1. Jakamoko
      Heard that today, but forgot to check it out...cheers for reminding me. Should be very interesting indeed. Is Google quietly turning into the Robin Hood of computing ? :hhhmmm

      Mind you, I suppose it's all ultimately raising their profile to improve their standing on the Stock Exchange...
    2. Jakamoko
    3. flex22
      I have an instant messenger (3 in fact).
      I have the google toolbar
      I have the Mozilla Browser, which works fine so far
      I have a popup blocker

      Maybe I'm getting set in my ways lol:!: but there's so many applications and new this and that coming out all the time.

      There's nothing really new there I can see.
      So why the hell should I care about this I think to myself.
      Sure it's news, so I posted it because people want to read news.
      After reading this news, I'm rather nonchalant about it.

      Cool, if they bring this out then I may take a look.

      If they don't, well like I listed above, I've got all the tools which enable my net experience.

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